We have 75 years of experience!

Wooden houses and cabins are produced in Estonia, in the town of Rakvere. For more than 75 years, we have been producing and delighting our customers with exceptional barrels and their quality. Over the years, we have earned recognition, and we deliver cabins not only to Lithuania, but also to England, Ireland, the USA, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Finland. During the long period of the company’s existence, we have sold more than 200,000 units of cabins!
75 years is enough time to understand that people appreciate our quality, ease of assembly and beautiful design. We excel in these areas!
Our garden sheds are made from Nordic, slow-growing spruce. We chose this wood for its durability and sustainability. It is suitable for different climate zones, so it does not matter which side of the globe you decide to build the new structure.

Our capacity is very large. We even have 2 factories in Estonia. The total area of ​​the production premises of both factories exceeds 15,000 m2.

Wooden houses straight from the factory

We fully control the quality and delivery of the cabins, as there are no middlemen involved in the process. Due to the high level of automation, we can offer the highest quality at the best price.
We are very concerned that cabins are not only comfortable, but also functional – for this reason, we have created a very large range of cabins. The range of structures offered is very wide, here you will find gazebos, storerooms, garden houses and even wooden houses. We can offer you more than 470 different models – everyone will be able to choose.


Patiirtis yra svarbi

Gardenhouse24 gamina įvairias medines pastatas – nuo paprastų sandėliukų ir sodų namelių iki rąstinių namų, modulinių namų ir pirties namelių. Mūsų aistringa ir įvairiapusiška patirtis kuriant medienos gaminius padeda pasiekti geriausius rezultatus. Didžioji dalis mūsų gaminių yra iš Estijos – šalies, kuri žinoma dėl didelio medinių pastatų eksporto per gyventoją visame pasaulyje.

Choose Gardenhouse24

– We make houses, windows, doors ourselves.
-We cooperate with the best suppliers of Nordic wood
-A wide range of products
-Delivery and installation services
-Long-term experience

Delivery and collection

A distinctive feature of our barrels is easy and quick assembly. Each cabin or house arrives packed in a large 5-6 meter long pallet. We include detailed assembly instructions in the packaging of each cabin. In most cases, only 4-5 tools are enough to build simple structures.

We are attentive to our customers, so we offer a complete service package with house assembly. We have a team of highly qualified assemblers who will assemble any type of cabin throughout Lithuania.

Choose the house you like the most and we will calculate the price of its assembly. Just send us an email and we will respond within a few days.

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